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Banksy Identity – Blog Post

Franklin Manor has been following the vigilante street artist Banksy for a few years now.

Banksy is like batman, but with poignant art, sneaking around in the night and unleashes simple, provocative, powerful pieces of artwork in the streets, yet no one really knows his true identity aside of the small team that advocates for him. Brilliant! The guy is off the radar, in a technological world that puts us all on the radar, and yet he still has a loud voice. A voice of simple truth and honesty, poking fun, and shedding light on some of the ridiculous beliefs, habits, and political views our culture has adapted over the recent years— providing insight into a different way of thinking through art.

While writing music for the new album “Motive”, I was compelled to write a song about Banksy – Titled “Blank Walls”.  Franklin Manor has always had a rebel mentality and advocate for truth. Since the whole record is about the city of angels, it only made sense to fit in a song about the renowned graffiti artist. There are pieces of his work scattered all over the city and I always have my eyes peeled for what could possibly be a newly discovered Banksy piece. It gives me something to do while I’m driving through the city in ridiculous traffic. The streets are flooded with amazing graffiti art everywhere, which I appreciate whole heartedly, but there’s something about the mystery of Banksy that adds a whole different element to the appeal of good street art. All the hype and so-called “fame” add another dimension. It resonates with a wide audience of people all around the world. 

I recently saw the article about Banksy being arrested in London, England for vandalism, conspiracy, racketeering and counterfeiting. And an identity revealing mug shot to go along with it. I was bummed for a second, but it didn’t take long to realize it was fake. The guy is too smart and sneaky for authorities. Besides, he’s doing a lot more good than harm in the world. Its all the corporate advertising and billboards we need to look out for— Not Banksy. 

Read fake Banksy article here: