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Freedom is in the Mind

What is freedom? Whatever your answer; you’re right. Franklin Manor isn’t here to disagree with you. You are smart enough, intuitive enough, to decide what freedom is for you.

My thoughts? Freedom is in the mind. It has nothing to do with politics. You vote for candidates based on your perception. Your perception is your own made up story about the world you see. Social media is crawling with negative content, and vultures preying on opinions. Here’s a question, have you ever changed anyone’s mind by arguing with them? We call freedom so many things. The words and symbols we use are vague and essentially mean nothing. My question is; how do you feel in this moment? Is your heart happy? Are your thoughts powerful?

Furthermore, how do we keep our individual expressions of freedom and still be united as a people?

Unity — it’s such a big concept. Unity is the understanding of oneness and community. The idea that no one is better or more important, than anyone else.

Each individual brings something valuable to the whole. But everyone combined is more powerful than the individual. Yet, I see separation all around us, all the time. The belief that we are individuals who are isolated from each other, couldn’t be further from the truth. Yet, everyone buys into the illusion of disconnection, especially here in Los Angeles. Greed, fear, and corruption, all stem from the idea that we are separate from each other. It’s obvious that most people feel alone in the herd. Being an “individual” is beautiful in the context of unity, but ugly in the realm of separation.

Think of unity in the form of a beehive. Bees depend on unity. It’s the only way they can survive. If humans went about life united, we would all be rich. Not one person excluded, not one person hungry.

Franklin Manor believes when your individuality serves the whole, there are new possibilities for music, art, and society at large. When your individuality serves the ego, there is misery and suppression. There is no truth in being more than, less than, or separate from your own people.

Franklin Manor encourages you to be your sexy self. Go big. Speak your mind. Don’t let people hold you back from expressing yourself. On the same token, don’t hold other people back from their own individual expression. Individuals united are stronger than individuals apart.