Band Update

On Fire

“On Fire” Story

Franklin Manor’s newest single “On Fire” sets a gritty context about a young, independent, and rebellious girl in Los Angeles, seeking truth and adventure in one of the most diverse cities in the world. She’s cool, hot, and doesn’t care what people think. In a city infamous for its temptations, she can’t help but get wrapped up in a celebrity lifestyle and let her wild side take over.

I’ve lived in Los Angeles long enough to see what it can do to people. Whether good or bad, temptation is all around us. I’ve watched countless friends get chewed up and spit out in short time, and also witnessed friends flourish in ways unimagined- living the dreams they set out to achieve. So there are two sides of the coin, and there’s not a lot of gray area. When fleeing your hometown to pursue a career in LA’s ruthless entertainment industry, determination and perseverance are the only thing that will keep you here.

I set out to write a song about a friend of mine, who I met in my first year in LA. She also had just moved here, full of excitement, energy and swag. There was something very authentic about her. The true “her,” was always there underneath, but she fell into the temptations of LA and began hanging out with big celebrities, which really launched her wild-child tendencies into outer space: doing drugs, living in huge mansions and being spoiled by big movie stars. It was really interesting to see LA take this girl into such a crazy mindset in such a short amount of time, and it only made sense to write a song about it. It’s one girl’s story, but also a testament to the countless other stories I’ve witnessed.

~Kevin Kelpin