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The Power Of Music ~ Blog Post

Franklin Manor played a show in San Diego last week, and the first word that comes to mind is euphoric. 35 minutes of pure bliss. It’s been a while since I’ve played shows and I had forgotten how good it feels to play live music. Seeing people genuinely entranced in our set is worth every minute of hard work it took to get there. It’s priceless. When I’m on stage, I feel as if time stops, and the only thing that matters is my present experience. Being present with my family of band members on stage, and being present with every set of eyes watching us.

What is it about music that allows us to be so present with our experience? There’s nothing else like it. Millions of people love football, while millions of people could give a shit less about football. Millions of people love TV. And millions of people hate TV. Is there anyone that you’ve come across in your entire life that didn’t love music in some form? I feel like music is a source of higher consciousness that’s so easily accessible to every single person on this planet. And of course, there are thousands of practices that support being present, being mindful, reaching a higher awareness, etc. But music is there for all of us, all of the time, and all 6 billion of us resonate with it on some level. I was talking to my girlfriend about how music in a sense, defies time and the concept of time that we have created. Have you ever heard a song come on that you haven’t heard in a long time and you are instantly taken back to a particular experience you had years ago? Not only remembering, but reliving a moment that’s been time capsuled in a song. Being taken back to that exact moment like you never blinked an eye. It’s powerful.

I felt so present with the energy, the experience, and the people at the last show. I’m not going to try and describe it, because it’s not about explaining or reliving. It’s about being present. Thank the music for providing us with that.