Band Update

Photo - Marc Aliana - Lead Guitar

What I’ll do for 60 Minutes of Music

True commitment to greatness requires a tremendous amount of motivation and persistence. Music is no exception, as I’ve poured everything into mastering my craft since the age of 15. If I really want something, I have to be willing to sacrifice a number of things in order to achieve greatness. In my case, it’s been a roller coaster up till now, and the more I work at it, the more I realize it’s about the journey— not the finish line. There isn’t a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, that isn’t how it works. It’s about doing what you love on a daily basis no matter how challenging it can be. It’s rewarding in itself to be fully committed to something, no matter the circumstances. If I live my life around circumstances, I’m eliminating possibilities to create. Circumstances are nothing more than excuses and distractions from what is that I’m truly committed to.

Recently, Franklin Manor left LA and drove 1,200 miles to play a 60 minute set in Colorado Springs, with the mindset that we would give it everything we have to make it the best show possible. It was a big commitment considering all the band members had extremely tight schedules. But we didn’t let those circumstances hold us back. We played a great show and left the next morning at 5am, back to LA. Some people call that crazy. I call it commitment. Nothing worth having comes easy. I’m on a mission to make a difference in the world. Music is not only my passion, but a tool to be successful and make a difference to everyone I come in contact with.

My mission goes beyond the music. Music is the representation of what I want to see in the world. I want to see people wake up to the fact that possibilities are everywhere, all the time, regardless of your circumstances.

2,400 miles and 37 hours of driving in 3 days all for 60 minutes of music.

Cover Photo Credit – Marc Aliana

Photo Credit – Courtney Clark